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Dream Center Missions Trip

From August 4-13 youth from Richmond Baptist are going to serve alongside the Dream Center in inner city Los Angeles. We are excited to partner with a group that has done a great job of serving some of the most vulnerable in their community. We want to bless the people of LA and learn how to serve others better right here in our own city.

While there we will be helping with whatever needs they have at the time such as their food trucks, their food bank, their kids programs in some of the poorest neighbourhoods in LA, etc.

We want to be people who care for others. A trip somewhere else can be a great opportunity to break away from our regular routines and learn something new from someone new that we can then apply to our lives back in Richmond.

We are excited to go on this trip, be pushed out of our comfort zone, help others in need, grow as individuals, and come back more prepared to serve our city.

Financially Support the Youth

Would you consider financially supporting the youth of Richmond Baptist as we fundraise to go on this trip? You can click here to securely donate online. All donations over $20 are issued a charitable donation tax receipt. (full link name: https://www.richmondbaptist.com/qry/sr_donate.taf?dsfd=21)

Prayer Support

Would you be willing to support us through prayer. If you would be willing to commit to being a prayer partner on this missions trip please email Jared and we will add you to our prayer list.