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WHY a 2nd service?

  • This initiative is vision driven not numbers driven. Although there are Sundays when we are close to full, there are others when we have room for more.
  • Our vision is: “Richmond Baptist exists to help you restore and revitalize your relationship with God and others.” We believe another service will give us another avenue to fulfill that vision.
  • Worship services only in the morning can conflict with sports, music events, and work; not to mention those who just want to sleep a bit longer in the morning.

 What will the 2nd service look like?

 There will be a children’s program provided. 

 We will be setting up the sanctuary to be more informal and comfortable. We will curtain off the sides and take a couple of rows of chairs down to set up tables in the back for coffee, tea, water, and refreshments. 

 The sermon will be the same but other elements will be tweaked. The theme will intentionally seek to be relevant to those we are reaching with the second service. The environment will have an interactive atmosphere with a time to text questions about the sermon, which will be answered near the end of the service.

 I’ve been asked why do I think this will work in reaching people for God? My answer is YOU! Other churches have visions and dreams that don’t seem to be fulfilled— a number of churches in Richmond struggle and some are closing the doors but they don’t have YOU. Our heart of worship and compassion. Our values of relationship and spritual development leads to our intentions of laying the foundation to take this next step. Together, we can reach this community. It’s the rally cry—becoming what God desires in the RB community. 

- Don