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Bulletin June 30, 2019

Soccer Camp

We still have space for campers! Kids ages 6 - 12 are all invited for a week of soccer and learning about God’s word. Pick up some camp info cards to hand out to your friends and neighbours. We are still in need of volunteers of all ages. Drop by the booth in the foyer to pick up info cards, sign up to volunteer or register your children.

Every year, our soccer camp sponsors underprivileged children in our community. This year we have three campers from Blundell Elementary that need sponsorship. If you would like to donate, talk to Pastor Kamal.

Tanzania Supplies Donation

We are collecting supplies to bring to Tanzania until July 21.

For the Hope of the Nations Primary School:  pencils, crayons, large sheets of colored construction paper and tooth brushes
For the Leaders: deodorants, shaving cream, disposable razors, 
For the Bible College: NIV Bibles.  

Supplies can be dropped off in a box marked “Donation for Tanzanian Mission” located in the foyer.


There is no Youth this Friday. Click here for our current summer schedule or visit our facebook page or send an email to Pastor Jared.

orange 2.0

RBK is hosting a bi-weekly hangout for all RBK children who will be Kindergarten to Grade 5 this fall. They will be held on July 18 & Aug 1, 15, 29 from 5:30 - 7:30 pm.

Stay tuned for more info!

Richmond Baptist Kids

We have our typical 2 - 5-year-old First Look class and the 252KIDS for grades K - 5. In addition to that, we now have a class for grades 6 - 7 that is meeting the youth room upstairs. If you have children in that age range they can go straight there when they have been dismissed.

To make the dismissal from the service easier, be sure to sign in your children at our sign-in booth before you take your seat in the auditorium.

Go to our Parents page to download this week's Parent's Cue.Week 5 - Bottom Line - June 2019 

Leadership Development Program 2019/2020

Our program is a 30 week leadership journey that combines hands on experience with practical leadership training in a key area of ministry. Go to our page for more information. 


We are in need of teachers for our children’s ministry. For more info, fill out a blue recruitment card or email RBKWe are in need of Sound and Computer operators for our worship team. We are looking for people who have an appreciation for music, a willingness to learn and enjoys technology! Talk to Jared for more information and to sign up.


During the morning service, we do sermon translation in Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish and Portuguese. If you are here today and would like to have the sermon translated just go to the lobby where someone will be at the table with transmitters to hand to you. Spread the word to others – it is our way of reaching out and connecting God’s Word to all people.

Our 10 am service has Mandarin, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish Translation

young adults 

Check our Pharus facebook group to find out about group activities. We have guest speakers, Sunday lunch, river rafting, and much more!

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