What We Do Growth Groups

Growth groups are vital to the sense of belonging and development of being like Jesus. The focus is on relationships since we know that belonging is crucial to assimilation and development is the cornerstone for transformation.

Our Growth Groups give us the opportunity to build friendships that can revitalize our relationship with God and each other. Therefore, the greatest component of the group is friendship built around the power of understanding God's Word and the impact it can make in our lives. 

The 3 main components of the groups are:

  1. Relationships:  have fun together, care for each other and share life in community
  2. Spiritual Development: using Biblically-based curriculum applicable to life
  3. Service Evangelism: reaching into the community together

We have a variety of groups that meet at different times throughout the week. Please contact Michael to get more information about times and places or if you have any questions about our Growth Group ministry.