Explode Youth Ministry

  • We have a vibrant and growing youth ministry led by a dedicated team of leaders who's collective vision is to see the next generation grow in their love, knowledge, and fear of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Our groups usually meet on Fridays at the church at 630pm but we also like to go out and have fun so please check our schedule of activities below for upcoming events. Some of the things we like to do are bowling nights, go-kart, serving in community meals, sports activities, movie nights, praying for other people, and once a year we would have a Spring Break Retreat where we enjoy each others company in a spirit of fun, fellowship, and learning.
  • Do drop by and join us. We would love to enjoy your company.


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Promise Land Children’s Church

The Promise Land Church is our Sunday school program for kids ages 4 to grade 7 where they can learn about the Bible while having fun.

  • Our schedule typically starts with our Children's Church at the Pre-K room just beside the gym where we sing a few songs together and pray before the kids are sent off to their respective classes
  • In each class the kids learn about the Bible through story telling, games, memory verses, and some arts and crafts
  • They all come back to the Pre-K room again for their snacks before they get picked up by their parents after the main church service

Growth Groups

What's a Growth Group?

A Growth Group is a small group of people (usually no more than 12 people) who are committed to helping each other become all that God has created them to be. Most of the groups meet in homes throughout Richmond and Delta on different days of the week. They all follow a similar format.


The group gathers at an agreed upon time and begins with an informal time of fellowship around coffee and snacks.


Next they sing some songs together to praise God.


Following the worship time they dig into a study of the Bible. Most of the groups will study the theme and passages from the previous Sunday sermon. The main goal to apply what the Bible says. The main question will be, "How do we actually put into practice what God, in His Word, says to do?"


Finally they will pray for various needs that the group has and for those outside their group. They will pray for the church, that God would use it to bring His peace and hope to those outside its walls.
Groups will also have a ministry project that they choose to be a part of. These will vary depending on what the group is passionate about. It could be that a group will help to serve at a street mission, or help support a ministry to refugees, or encourage single mothers, or volunteer at a crisis center.