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Children's Ministry Pastor


To provide visionary and shepherding leadership in RBK areas (birth – grade7) that gives an opportunity for everyone participating to grow in Jesus


Accountable to: Lead Pastor
Responsible for: Area Coordinators - Family lounge (birth-2 years), 2-5 years (First Look), grades K-5 (RBKids), grades 6&7 (RBTweens)

  1. To build an overall Kids ministry that emphasizes home influence, spiritual development, fun and community impact.
  2. To build a strategy to develop leaders in ministry and develop teams that will encourage each other to grow.


    • To build a children’s ministry:
      that emphasizes the home as the primary center of faith development,
    • that gives an opportunity for kids to move forward in whole life development through a fun atmosphere and strong relationships with God, leaders and other children.


  1. Vision
    • Develop and implement the vision for Children’s Ministry in collaboration with the Lead Pastor.
    • Develop and implement an annual ministry plan of activities.
  2. Strategic Planning
    • Build an overall strategy to get kids from where they are spiritually to where they can be when they move from RBK to youth
    • Provide leadership training and planning initiatives for the Children’s Ministry workers
    • Responsible for Children’s Ministry budget and financial oversight.
  3. Spiritual Leadership
    • Oversee the selection and implementation of curriculum.
    • Oversee, organize and implement a summer music and arts camp
  4. Communication
    • Develop a communication plan to keep staff, volunteers, and parents informed.
    • Resource parents with information about the curriculum and ideas for parents to use at home -at a minimum monthly, preferred weekly.
    • Manage communication between ministries that interact with the children’s department.
    • Using Planning Center to organize and communicate with teaching teams.
    • Connecting with other staff to optimize ideas, facility use and strategic planning
  5. Leadership Development
    • Connecting with teachers and other RBK leaders consistently and with a purpose.
    • Recruit, mobilize and shepherd leaders by building a relationship that influences their faith and character.
    • Influence volunteer workers to keep and grow their passion for kids.


  1. Leadership/Vision
  2. Administration
  3. Communication
  4. Shepherding


  1. Have a growing relationship with Jesus
  2. Have a passion for kids and their homes and their relationship to God
  3. In agreement with the RB statement of faith
  4. Be a forever learner.
  5. Training and experience working with children
  6. Biblical and Theological training is an asset but not a requirement

Responsibility to God

  1. Love God with heart, soul, mind and strength
  2. Joyfully respond to God's call to ministry
  3. Maintain a fresh relationship with God through appropriate spiritual disciplines
  4. Servant leader as Jesus' modeled for us
  5. Faithful and generous steward of God's resources

to self and family

  1. Vital, growing relationship to spouse if married
  2. Integrity, high moral and ethical character
  3. Maintain personal health through recreation and relaxation
  4. Manages personal finances with integrity – does not carry excessive debt

general comments

This is a part-time position requiring 20 hours/week. This includes Sunday responsibilities at all services and staff meetings. The work time is flexible with the knowledge that we function as a pastoral team, collaborating and assisting each other as needs dictate. Experience and training will be factored into the salary of the successful candidate.

To apply for this position please email a cover letter and resume to don@richmondbaptist.com