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New Music Ministry Volunteers

Being a part of the music teams at Richmond Baptist is an awesome privilege. Not because we think we are so amazing, but because getting to lead your church family in the worship of God is an awesome thing. We are looking for people who are musically gifted and who are in love with Jesus.   

Being on a team leading the corporate worship time during our services is so much more than just a musical exercise. We are seeking to point people to Jesus through music. Your relationship with Jesus is even more important that your musical ability.

What are we asking of you?

  • Committed to Following Jesus. As believers we need to continually be growing in our relationship with Him and seeking to live more like Jesus. It isn't just about our actions. It's also about a transformation of our heart. This way when we lead in worship, it's the real deal.
  • Committed to Worship. Worship isn't something we just do on Sunday. It's a way of life. Everything we do we can do for the glory of God. That's what worship is all about. Our Sunday services are supposed to be a gathering of worshipers to worship together. Worshiping God everywhere, all the time makes leading in worship that much more authentic!
  • Committed to Your Team. Our music ministry isn't about all stars and solo acts. It's a team activity. What each of us does affects our team for the good or bad. If you come to rehearsal prepared it positively impacts your team. If you show up late it negatively impacts the team. There could be a lot more examples but you get the idea. If you learn to respect each other, communicate, and work well as a team it makes a huge impact on our worship services.
  • Committed to Your Church. Our music ministry is an extension of our church family. God loves the local church. He thinks it's important. Hopefully each of us does as well. Our church family can be a blessing to us if we will commit to continue being a part of it.
  • Committed to Your Craft. While worshipping is about the heart, we are using music to lead our church family. We want to be excellent in what we do. As a part of the music ministry at Richmond Baptist we each should be investing time and energy into improving our musical ability for the glory of God and as a blessing to those we lead in worship.

We use Planning Center to schedule our musicians and plan our worship services. It is expected that you will learn the basics of how to interact with Planning Center and respond to scheduling requests. There are some great tutorials online and we would be happy to help you if you just ask!

If this is you and you are willing to commit to using the gifts and passions God has given you by being a part of the music teams then please fill out the form below.

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