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Day 9

Derek teaching at the Pastors and Church Leaders Seminar on Improving Leadership — Iris listening and waiting for her turn, she goes next to lead them on an Inductive Bible Study. 

Here’s Pastor Kamal with one of the Hope of the Nations staff, Moses, as they went door to door to share about Jesus. Praise God that Japhet, Maria, Esther, and Rose all accepted Christ Jesus as their Lord and Savior! Let’s keep them in our prayers, that they would continue to meet and study the word of God and pray for each other.

Here’s Pastor Don at our last Kids Club in Kasangezi. Yes, the kids still genuinely wonder “what” he is! But we made significant headway today and they were giving him high fives and handshakes — as opposed to simply running away! (And that’s a sugar cane he’s holding, it’s his first time having one.) 

Here’s a glimpse of how many kids there were! See the dust? It felt like a stampede!

African women are able to carry so many different things on their head! Desiree got to try it today — she carried one brick (the other one was added for the photo) for about a meter. We chances upon a group of people carrying and building bricks to working on their church building! Desiree got involved in, literally, building a church!

– Ivan