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Day 10

Last village! We started our day with these kids in Ngkungwe — there’s Iris and Ptr. Don singing with the kids about building God’s kingdom! 

While some of us were with the kids, Pastor Kamal taught at the seminar about the Essential Qualities of Leadership. That’s Diana’s translating for him. (2 weeks isn’t enough for us to be able to teach in Swahili yet!)

In the afternoon, Justine, Ptr Kamal, Iris, and Derek went and shared at the Youth Group back in town. 

While Desiree, Ivan, and Ptr Don stayed in Ngkungwe for the afternoon seminar sessions — here Desiree is teaching them about humility as essential to Christ-like servant leadership. 

Here’s Pastor Don finally learning soccer to show love to these kids — spoiler alert: he didn’t stand a chance against them. 

– Ivan