Who We Are I'm New

What to Expect

We hope we have the opportunity to meet you at our worship service. We are a friendly group that is multicultural. Our services are relaxed and we try to have some fun. Feel free to dress however you are comfortable. We have coffee available before and after the service that you can even bring it into the service.

When you arrive, someone from our welcome team will say "Hi" to you at the door. They are there to help you by answering any question you may have. Our worship service meets in our auditorium where you can sit in any chair you want. When you enter the auditorium, someone will hand you a bulletin. In it, you will find information about the morning service as well as events happening throughout the week.

We have programs for children up to grade 7. Please go to the sign-in desk to register your kids before heading into the auditorium. They are dismissed to our children's ministries partway through the service.

We open the service with some singing and usually sing about six songs throughout the service where sometimes we sit and sometimes we stand. Our services usually last about 70 minutes.

During our service we pray, we read from the Bible, and we hear a sermon that helps us understand what the Bible teaches and what it means to live that out in our lives today.

What's with the offering?

During each service, we take up an offering. This is a way for us to support the church we are a part of and to give a physical gift to God. There is no obligation to give. The money we collect funds our church's ministries supports missionaries, pays our staff, and takes care of our building.

*Because we are a non-profit, the government allows us to give charitable donation receipts for money donated to the church. If you give and would like a tax receipt, please give using one of the envelopes in the seat pocket in front of you so that we can get your personal information and send you the receipt.

What's communion?

Once a month we observe something we call Communion. Some churches also call it the Lord's Supper or the Eucharist. The grape juice and the bread are a reminder that Jesus gave up his body and blood as a perfect sacrifice to take the penalty of sin so that we can be forgiven and have a restored relationship with God. It is something for those who have committed their lives to Jesus and have received his gift of forgiveness. If you are not at that place yet we don't want you to feel awkward but we would ask that you wait until you are ready so that the symbolism will be significant to you.